I followed along with Chapter 3 of Learning JavaSript Robotics by Kassandra Perch. I learned how to control a specialized output device using an LCD panel.

*Information below is paraphrased by Perchs’ book (linked under resources)

Setting Up the LCD

I had an LCD without the Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) backpack. The I2C is a device that can share the same set of two data pins: Serial Clocl Line (SCL), which dhandles timing, and Serial Data Line (SDA), that sends data. Since I didn’t have this, I had to solder pins onto the LCD panel and wire it a little differently

Wiring & Schematics

Since there wasn’t a backpack, the wiring was a little more complicated. In fact, I even discovered an error in the books wiring diagram – they had the ground going into the second pin (5V) and the 5V going into the first pin (GND).


The Code