Brown University

Through my schools partnership program with Brown University, I was able to take part in a 12-week Introduction to Engineering course during the Spring of my Sophomore year. In the course we focused on the engineering design process. The course covered many scientific concepts, techniques, and skills. Some scientific concepts we learned including static equilibrium and the mechanics of materials. In addition we learned modeling techniques through an online CAD program called OnShape. In the Brown Design Workshop we learned how to properly useĀ 3D printers and laser-cutters, and we became trained in wood-working and metal-working.

Phone Stand

For this project, we were challenged with coming up with a human centered design for a phone stand. For my design I looked at what I would want the most out of a phone stand, sinceĀ I would be the consumer of the product. I designed a product that would prop the phone up, while still allowing the user to charge and access the phone. In addition, the phone stand doubled as a holder for pencils, glasses, etc. to be stored. Finally, it was designed to look uniform and aesthetically pleasing.

Research & Design

When starting out with the research portion of the project, I first looked at phone stands already on the market. After looking at different designs, I decided which aspects I liked or disliked from each one. From this …